Training of Trainers (Instructor Methodology)

40 Hours

The Training of the trainer's class being taught is a P.O.S.T. approved training course which is a requirement for teaching basic academy classes and highly recommended for in-service trainers as well. This class will cover the following topics of instruction: ➢ Adult Learning styles, and its relevance to the trainer in designing classes

➢ Preparation of Performance objectives ➢ Training methods for the law enforcement trainer ➢ One on one training strategies for the trainer ➢ Preparing course lesson plans ➢ Liabilities involved in law enforcement training ➢ Development of testing and evaluation instruments for training classes Class Details Each student attending this class is expected to bring with them the following 1. Note Taking material (a note book will be provided for you) 2. Students are encouraged to bring a laptop with them for use in class
3. Students will need to have a topic that they would like to develop into a class and with that each student will need the supporting material; research material, data, related policies and or laws related to the delivery impact of the class
4. This material will be used to develop a comprehensive presentation in class.

“Dedicated to Providing Professional Law Enforcement Training”